At our Elbow Valley farm and feedlot in Queensland’s southeast, we define premium quality as ‘never accepting second-best’. We select Australian Angus and Angus (Bos Taurus) cross cattle with superior genetics,

maintain exceptional animal management practices, grow and hand-process our own grains, and mix them in special formulas for optimal animal health and top-shelf products.


We provide a unique custom service, overseeing every detail and particular: from animal health and welfare, choice, size and cut of meat, to ensuring top meat and fat colour for the highest eating quality. Our Australian Angus branded products are fully integrated into our established end-to end supply chain.


Sitting down to Aussie Angus is one of the most enjoyable culinary experiences you could have. This is true for two main reasons:

1. Our Aussie Angus has superior marbling which makes it tender, juicy and flavoursome.

2. A large pool of available genetics in Australia allows us to select superior animals from trusted, long-term partners and traceable blood lines. Having long-term relationships with Angus breeders allows us to maintain the underlying providence of Elbow Valley beef and ensures eating quality.


Grassfed while very young, our Angus cattle reach an age when their stomachs are capable of processing grain. At this point, they commence a grain-based feeding program. The Elbow Valley Angus formula is based on a specialised mix of grains and orange pulp designed for organ health and reducing E. coli. The Elbow Valley feeding program ensures optimal weight and health of the animal, premium meat colour (1C-3), consistently whiter fat (0-3) and fat marbling throughout the meat.


Queensland Aussie Angus is well-respected and world-renown because of our warm climate, high quality feed and exceptional animal management standards. IMS manages all processes, including farming and feed-lotting, and animal handling, segregation and grading in accordance with Aus-Meat and the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

  • Aus-Meat Certification
  • Hand selected Angus cattle
  • Humane animal management and treatment
  • High-quality grain-based formula
  • State of the art processing
  • Halal Certified


We have integrated supply chain capabilities, with fodder farming, cattle raising and finishing, feed-lotting and sales and marketing. Elbow Valley is our boutique, premium feedlot. However, we have six properties, comprising 3,830 hectares which carry over 7,000 head of cattle, and two feedlots with a combined capacity of 13,000 head. We are currently in the process of expanding our feedlot to 17,5000, which allows us to respond to commercial demands.



Our premium brand is named after General Sir ‘Harry’ (Henry) George Chauvel, GCMG, KCB, who lived in the Elbow Valley homestead as a young man. Sir Harry is perhaps best known for leading the 1st Light Horse Brigade on Gallipoli (dismounted) and during the Sinai and Palestine campaign in WWI; however his military career spanned over half a century. He served in three wars, led the Australian army during peacetime and was the first Australian to attain the rank of general. When he retired in 1930, he had one simple request: to ride horses every day.

‚ÄčThe son of a grazier and militia major, Sir Harry spent much of his childhood and youth working with cattle on horseback. Elbow Valley homestead was a family-owned 12,000 acre cattle station and he lived before commencing his decorated military career as a commissioned second lieutenant in the Upper Clarence Light Horse at the age of 21.

Born 16 April,
1865Died 4 March, 2945