Integrated Meat Solutions is an Australian, family-owned and operated company, formed in 2015 to provide a unique, turnkey end-to-end service. Not only are we experts in animal production and supply of a wide range of meat products, we also value add to your experience with our expertise in manufacturing and international marketing and trade.

Our directors have more than 50 years of combined experience, with expertise in animal production and procurement, animal husbandry, inventory management and logistics, processing, manufacturing and value adding, feed-lotting, product branding, selling and marketing. We bring specific and highly-valued skillsets together to provide an unparalleled service in the beef, sheep and goat protein supply chains.



Michelle Milzewski

Founder, Director

Michelle is well known as a sales executive who consistently delivers sustainable and profitable outcomes to her clients. She exceeds expectations with her high level of customer service and superior problem solving abilities.

Before founding Integrated Meat Solutions in 2015, she worked as an international meat and protein trader for one of the world’s largest protein producers. She was instrumental in developing markets in the USA, South America and Southeast Asia because of her ability to read markets, navigate challenging economic conditions, and leverage key contacts to buy and sell products at superior prices.

Michelle now brings this insight and experience to her IMS clients, assisting exporters as they expand into new markets and create profitable global brands. Integral to her service is her market insight and the advice she offers about how to implement proactive risk management strategies and streamline the meat exporting process. She believes in ethical, sustainable practices, and for this reason she is most proud of the long-lasting partnerships that she has forged over the years.

Peter Milzewski


Peter is a well known business professional who values partnerships with his suppliers and works diligently to deliver win/win outcomes.

With over 25 years in senior management, executive and directorship roles in Australian international meat production, processing, manufacturing and retail-ready operations, he now uses his knowledge and experience to the benefit of IMS clients. His goal is to exceed client expectation in business strategy (including succession planning), animal production, procurement and growing (open grazing and intensive), processing and converting, and product delivery.

​Peter personally cultivates strong relationships with customers, suppliers and key stakeholders, and assists business owners in setting up industry-best practice so that they can operate successfully in robust, evolving marketplaces. As an active member of various industry committees in manufacturing, production, processing and trade sectors, and a board director of the Australian Rendering Association, Peter plays a key role in initiatives directly relevant to the needs and growth opportunities of IMS clients.